Just so you know…my summer song officially became waves after my 4 weeks work as a mentor with young people aiming to come to Uni. The reason I started with filling you in on this is because I am that person that has a song for every moment. It helps me remember stuff. This song became the song my young played as we did what we did but thats all explained below.


It was my intention this year that come what may I would have a summer job. University made me think about using my time more wisely. They say university will give you the best years of your life and for sure my first year seems to have flown by. So my advice is enjoy every minute of everyday doing what you love, painting memories onto the blank canvas that is life, such that when you look back you just think WOW!

I worked as a youth mentor. This was a really unique opportunity that helped me gauge how much Aston had helped me morph into this confident outgoing creature with leadership skills 😉 …Thanks Aston lol

On a serious note I was dealing with a group of young people looking to me for advice and sound judgement as they went to fundraise and raise awareness for Leicester Hospitals charity. Their aim was to raise a portion of £60,000 with my help …little old me
We did it. We raised awareness and stood busking in the centre of Leicester of Leicester as crowds passed by as we made melodies to Bob Marleys’ One love, Rihanna’s We found love …
We stood and held a mini cake sale in Boots, and a raffle in Matalan passionate for a cause we chose, determined to rise above above all odds. I take this opportunity to shout out to my amazing team!

Having finished I look back and I realise that university is an opportunity to learn not only academic information, but information about yourself!
The way you work, what you are passionate about. I thoroughly enjoyed, and ultimately I now miss, my summer job.
I learnt to lead, from the group work we had to do and present as part of a pharmacy module, I learnt organisation w2014-08-27 15.42.07hen I realised that my pre lab questions needed to be completed on time or else I would get the mark, I learnt the value of being outgoing because you should never be under the illusion that University will never have people who share the same common ground as you, I learnt to be myself and to love me as me and as I did my summer job I now look back to this time last year, and the me that had the ultimate summer job…my oh my what a change a year can make 🙂

First Aston Summer Holiday

#Ayr #Scotland #Summer
#Ayr #Scotland #Summer

I guess Summer came for me when I officially received my results to my house in the post. Although the results were released online, it wasn’t official for me until 2 days or so later the envelope stamped Aston university came with a wodge of my results transcript.

So far it had been endless days of catching up with Game of Thrones,  a four week summer job mentoring but after that the highlight for me so far…. my road trip to Scotland came!!. I think I have had my license for just over a year but never have I driven for as long as I did on the way to Scotland. It was filled with all the advice from the experienced drivers ” Don’t exceed the speed limit” “slow and steady” ” Take plenty of breaks”. I would like to think I listened to most of them :P.

With my mum backseat driving, the car packed full of suitcases, my auntie and cousin also joining us this was surely going to be a journey to remember!

4am struck and my alarm went off. I remember frantically sticking bags in the boot, yelling to wake everyone up..I mean who  would  really want to get caught up in the Monday morning rush hour traffic?

5am, and I had everyone getting into the car, saying their prayers for the 300 mile Journey ahead haha. I guess looking back when I had my first lecture Monday 9am *story for another day* -shy little me- I never saw myself being capable of doing that 6 hour journey. Its all part of this journey where I am learning more about myself and I guess it all began when I came to uni.

But yeah… Scotland was fun! We didnt get lost, except on the way back when we went up to Glasgow and bewildered by the enormity of the roads I missed my turn. However it has been a fun summer. 7 nights, most o f them rain filled, a beach 5 minutes walk from our accommodation, and really cool accents.


What more could I ask for ? Now the prep for going back to Aston slowly…and I mean very slowly …begins. 😛